In-home Cooking Lessons

Meet your cooking and health goals.

The perfect option if you are in a cooking rut and need inspiration, are striving to eat more vegetables, or your healthcare provider has recommended you change your eating habits. Cooking lessons can be a multi-course meal, focus on a single topic like soups, dark leafy greens or sugarless desserts, or explore one ingredient like lentils. Pantry reboot, kitchen set-up and shopping education available. Lauren is happy to partner with your health care provider.

"My doctor told me that I needed to learn to cook to improve my health. I was overwhelmed and didn't believe I could make such drastic changes in my lifestyle, because I never cooked before and didn't have much of an appetite. It only took one session for me to feel empowered! Lauren is kind, highly motivating, nurturing and amazing support. She has made a huge impact on my life in only 2 months. I'm even sleeping much better." - Fatema


  • Initial consultation to learn dietary preferences, skills, learning style, kitchen equipment and goals

  • Personalized program including menu and recipe development

  • Travel to your home

  • Teaching the class/preparing the food

  • Recipes & hand outs

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