The Kitchn is one of my favorite cooking websites, and I am honored that they featured me and my kitchen in their James Beard award winning cookbook

"As a naturopathic physician, I talk to people daily about improving the nutritional quality of their food, and with that people ask me for inspiration and recipes. I shamefully tell them that I rarely cook, so I can't speak directly from my experience. But I recently learned about Lauren's services around all things healthy food, from shopping to cooking. I signed up for myself but also to get a sense of how she will help my patients. I am several sessions in and I can't speak highly enough of the value. I'm learning how to routinely use fresh herbs and spices in my meals - mint, cilantro, tarragon, parsley and so much more. Lauren is teaching me the science of flavors and about keeping a well stocked pantry. I'm blown away by how delicious and crazy nutritious the dishes are that we are creating. I'm learning to enjoy being in the kitchen and feel confident that I'm providing my family with awesome food. Lauren offers the perfect support to help patients sustainably implement and embrace dietary changes." - Dr. Meghan Larivee

"I have had a lot of luck coordinating care and really dialing in the eating habits of a patient with the help of Lauren Chandler. As much as I went over diet change with the patient, I think it was Lauren’s help that took it to the next level. She went to the patient's home, cleared out the fridge and pantry, went shopping with the patient, provided meal plans and goals, and taught the patient how to cook. It was way more than I have time to do and it really helped.  I highly recommend Lauren for individuals who need hands-on help learning new eating and cooking habits." - Dr. Kathryn Kloos

"Since I started cooking with Lauren, I have lost 30 pounds, my A1C numbers are down, and I'm on track to get off my meds. I've learned a new way of thinking about food and cooking and have improved my skills in the kitchen. My husband loves every dish I learn from her and is also eating much healthier." - Barbara Loeffler

"My new dietary restrictions had me a bit concerned on choices, but your delicious meals and innovative recipes have been a highlight to my days! Thank you for the fantastic food and for accommodating!" – Corey McAuliffe

"These salads are so good I could eat them every night and not miss meat." 
Steven Shomler, Food Writer

"Lauren is a wealth of knowledge for combining foods that satisfy the taste buds as well as fuel the body. She combines resourcefulness (she used all parts of the veggies!) and creativity with a solid foundation of the basics. Lauren's classes are informative, fun and most importantly, delicious. I obviously loved the class and couldn't stop talking (bragging) to all my friends about it for days after!" - Mattie J. Fowler, Portland Juice Company