Cantaloupe & Sun Gold Tomato Gazpacho

Serves 6-8

This chilled soup is perfect on a hot summer evening when you don’t feel like cooking. Try out different garnishes – pesto or simply chopped basil or mint, lightly sautéed corn, or dried chili pepper, like the Turkish Urfa chili pepper pictured here.

6 cups roughly chopped cantaloupe
1 pint Sun Gold tomatoes
10 calyxes (the little stem at the top of the tomato)
1 -2 tablespoons lemon juice or champagne vinegar
¼ cup sparkling water
Sea salt to taste 

Put all of the ingredients except for the sparkling water into a blender and purée until very smooth. Add sparkling water to thin. Transfer to a container, cover and chill for at least one hour. Stir before pouring into bowls to serve.